Brand Stories

Get in-depth coverage on your innovation in the technological space.

Brand Stories

A Random Variable is a publication which is dedicated to in-depth coverage on innovation in the technological space, with a special emphasis on the impact of tech innovations. We publish data-centric stories on your technology, and its real-world impact. We sit at the frontier of technological innovation, all over the world.

We are not interested in a startup's funding, PR, or workforce and work culture. We are not the NYT. We are not interested in gossip. We are not interested in trashing tech companies either. We are interested in technology, goals, and what is unique about a startup. We don't care how big or small of a company you are; if you are leading positive change (of any form) through tech innovation, your story belongs here. Your story will be written by people who know technology and data science.

Since startups are the nurseries for innovation, we will cover a lot of startups, but even if you are a company or individual who is too old or too young to be a "startup," but are making strides in tech, we will write about you.

We will talk about your technology in as much detail as you want (no dumbing down), and if you have any data to provide us, we will draw up charts and figures to illustrate your work better. We will never sell any data to anyone. We will not publish any data either, unless completely anonymized or synthesized, and definitely not without your explicit permission, unless it is industry data, which is already available in the public domain and is copyright-free.

The published stories are sent out to all our subscribers, and promoted through numerous organic and inorganic channels. Since this will be high quality work, you can also use the story in your own presentations, with a friendly reference link to the published story.

If you want a story on your work, please drop an email to We will get in touch with you, and setup a call with you for the same.