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<A Random Variable>: Not entirely random (or variable)—Economy, Technology and Cryptocurrency & their place in the Universe.

<A Random Variable> is an independent publication which aims to bridge the vast gaps between our understanding of technology, economy and cryptocurrency, and how they relate with each other.

Topics covered:

Op_Eds: Informed opinion pieces on tech innovation, cryptocurrencies, and economic policies or developments

Info_Eds: Informative and educational short write-ups that help explain a new development in the world of technology, economics or cryptocurrency, including data science.

Data Analysis: Data-centered reporting on a phenomenon in the said fields

News: News and developments you don't normally read about

Startups and Innovation: Articles that talk about the real technological innovation in start-ups, rather than the vanity metrics most publications cover.

This is a self-funded micro-publishing endeavor, that can succeed only with the support of the readers.

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