What is 'A Random Variable'?

Photo by Barrington Ratliff / Unsplash

<A Random Variable>: Not entirely random (or variable). But a little bit so.

This is an interdisciplinary, almost-academic-but-not-too-academic approach to discussing a few closely related disciplines. The Universe does not exist in boxes. Which is why a fractured approach to looking at the world is often flawed. This publication attempts to erase some of the boundaries between different disciplines without compromising on the academic rigour.

I write on economics, data science, design, sustainability, programming, and everything in between. I'm a PhD scholar and this publication is my notepad for sharing my thoughts: sometimes very technical and sometimes very opinionated hot takes on what's brewing in these fields. It is sometimes educational, sometimes a rant, and sometimes a deep dive and analysis of a hitherto obscure topic.

This is a self-funded micro-publishing endeavor, created with the intention of sharing knowledge and inspiration with like-minded folks. If you like the content, consider supporting the work. Your contributions will help cover the costs of running the publication (and my time).

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